ITTNation Episode 4

Episode 4 of ITTNation

This week Dave and Kelly have their first guests join the show to discuss Treaty Education. Katia Hildebrandt and Kendra Leier join Kelly to discuss some of the topics and ideas that came out of the #saskedchat on Treaty Education. One of the main ideas that is discussed is that teachers need to be willing to take small steps to incorporating Treaty Education into their current practice.

Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast include:

Office of the Treaty Commissioner

SPDU – Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

STF – Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation 

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ITTNation Episode 2

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Episode 2 was all about blogging.  In this episode Dave and Kelly discuss tips for getting started with blogging and suggest a few free blogging platforms that you can try if you are just getting starting – WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs. They also discuss different ways that teachers can incorporate blogging into their practice and Dave explains why it’s important to have a purpose for your blog. Both Dave and Kelly share some of their experiences blogging and explain why it’s important for teachers to take control of their own PD and make every day “a PD day”.

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#saskedchat February 18th chat archive Blogging as a Professional

ITTNation Episode 1

In this first episode Dave and Kelly discuss the premise for the ITTNation podcast and then jump into the first topic – homework  – which was a recent topic on #saskedchat. There was a great deal of interest and discussion during the chat and, as Dave and Kelly explore, some different ideas about the role of homework in school. Participants had a variety of opinions about homework and Dave and Kelly explore different aspects of homework -What’s it’s purpose? Where does it fit? The chat covers a number of different aspects related to homework as Dave and Kelly examine this “hot” topic!

The archive from #saskedchat has some great insights from participants. Check out Kelly’s blog about the chat.

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Dave can be found on twitter @bircherd. Dave is a vice-principal and regularly takes part in #saskedchat and posts to the #saskedchat twitter feed.

Kelly can be found on twitter @kwhobbes. Kelly blogs at Education Discourse where he posts the archives to #saskedchat and explores the topics from the chats from different perspectives offering insights and ideas along with resources and connections to delve further into the topic.