ITTNation Episode 4

Episode 4 of ITTNation

This week Dave and Kelly have their first guests join the show to discuss Treaty Education. Katia Hildebrandt and Kendra Leier join Kelly to discuss some of the topics and ideas that came out of the #saskedchat on Treaty Education. One of the main ideas that is discussed is that teachers need to be willing to take small steps to incorporating Treaty Education into their current practice.

Some of the resources mentioned in the podcast include:

Office of the Treaty Commissioner

SPDU – Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

STF – Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation 

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ITTNation Episode 3

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Episode 3 – Cross-Curricular Planning

In Episode 3 Dave and Kelly discuss cross-curricular planning and offer some suggestions for beginning to explore cross-curricular planning. You can subscribe to ITTNation in both iTunes and Stitcher.

Dave mentions the work done by John Antonetti and James Garver in 17,000 Classroom Visits Can’t be Wrong and strategies for engaging students and promoting active learning within the classroom.

Kelly mentions the work done by Jay McTighe, Carol Ann Tomlinson and Grant Wiggins. Jay McTighe and Carol Ann Tomlinson’s work on UbD & Differentiation and Essential Questions by Grant Wiggins are good resources for anyone beginning cross-curricular planning or someone who is already incorporating it and looking for ideas and supports to improve and grow.

Dave and Kelly discuss how it’s important to start small – getting to know and work with a few curricula and making connections along the way that will help teachers to meet Outcomes. Delving into curricula and getting to know what can be found in each of them takes time but the deeper teachers are able to delve into curricula and make connections, the greater the opportunity for making connections. Through the use of UbD and Essential Questions, teachers can explore topics that allow for deeper exploration to happen.

Dave and Kelly discuss that teachers need to take the time to work through curriculum and unpack outcomes as they develop connections between the different subjects/topics they are teaching. Such work does require time but is the foundation for developing planning that allows for great students direction and input as teachers are able to make connections and empower students to explore topics as they can connect such explorations to outcomes across subject areas.

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