In This Together



Welcome to the home of ITTNation a blog and podcast dedicated to supporting educators connect and build relationships with students, parents, and other educators. We offer tips and ideas to help educators stay creative, innovative, and healthy. Dave and I are passionate about helping others to develop and grow, focusing on daily professional development. As education continues to change and evolve, educators are required to make choices about how they use their time. We offer that focusing on effectiveness instead of efficiency will change how you look at investing your time, growing relationships is the foundation for supporting learning, daily professional development helps cultivate creativity and innovation, and healthy habits will energize you throughout your day.

We are excited as we begin this next step in our own development. We hope you find something to aid you in your development and growth. If you have an idea or topic you’d like us to explore or suggestions to help us support you better, please leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “In This Together

  1. Well this is awesome! I am sure that this blog will be a great resource to many as you have both helped me in many ways during my own journey to becoming a connected educator. I look forward to your coming posts!


    1. We’re excited too! And a bit nervous! We hope to be able to support educators through this and help them in whatever they are doing. Thanks for the comment – we look forward to doing some great things together with great educators like you!


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